J. Peterman Catalog

maio 8, 2008

SIM! O J. Peterman Catalog existe!!!

Paggo Walking Shoe


These shoes have been my faithful travel companions for 250,000 miles over five continents during the past three years.
(Not this exact pair, of course; the pair you see here is new.)
They’ve seen me through the desert around Jaisalmer and the tropics of Brunei Darussalam; there’s probably some red clay from Provence still lodged in the treads.
At the same time, they’ve never raised a disapproving eyebrow on a maître d’ or concierge, either.
The reason is, they combine advanced running shoe technology with Italian style, cobbled in world-class natural-finish leather. (You can smell the distinctive richness.)
Paggo Walking ShoeHow many other truly serious walking shoes can make such a claim with a straight face?
Good luck.
Paggo Walking Shoe (No. 2287). Pure natural-rubber sole, resilient, sure-gripping, long-lasting. Cushioning gel and full leather lining to keep feet comfortable and dry all day. Italian-designed uppers and lowers.
Sophisticated, not clunky.
Men’s sizes: 7-1/2 through 12 whole and half, D width. Color: Brown.
Price: $199.”

O melhor é que as descrições de item são iguais aos do chefe da Elaine….

Se tiver o URBAN SOMBRERO eu compro!!!


Overtime – 3ª Edição

dezembro 27, 2007

Já está no ar a terceira edição do Overtime. O primeiro com a equipe completa: eu, Márcio meneghini, Marco Lazzarotto, Roger Vieira e Fabiano “Paul” Gonçalves.

Respondendo perguntas de ouvintes e falando de tudo desde Brasileirão 2008 até NBA. E a estréia do quadro “Prorrogação” sob o comando de Marco os pseudo-especialistas ocmentam sobre cultura geral